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Figurative Art Dolls

One of a Kind Figurative Fantasy Art Dolls by Kendra M Gilbert, Virgo's Alchemy. Made with high quality polymer clay and mixed media. My Art Dolls, are quite literally, manifested reflections of my innermost hopes, dreams, inspirations...and nightmares.

Dark Fantasy Art Dolls

One of a Kind Nightmarish Fan Art Dolls for the Strange and Unusual: Highly detailed, made with attention to quality, and longevity.

Merminoid Tails

One of a Kind Creations: Mermaids, Merminoids and other Creatures of the Deep. My Mermaid and Merminoid tails are soldered using a technique that increases strength, flexibility, and durability. I use all different types of materials to make my tails and fins including papers, fantasy films, and of course my favorite - polymer clay.

Creative Display Bases

Each one of my Figurative Art Dolls comes complete with a Highly Detailed, Handcrafted Display Base made with High Quality Materials...and a Touch of Madness.

No Molds - Ever!

All my polymer clay figurative art dolls and other sculptures are one of a kind, and made without the use of any molds.

Artist Inspired Art Dolls

With permission, there are times I will sculpt art dolls directly inspired by another artist. If I cannot locate a particular artist, or obtain permission, I won't sell that particular work - it stays with me, in my own fan art collection, for my own personal enjoyment and use.

Handmade Doll Eyes

My Doll Eyes are handmade using glass beads and special high quality 2 part resin. They are scratch and UV resistant. They are created without the use of any computer printed images, are hand painted, and light reflecting glass-like.

Drawings & Concept Art

A lot of times, I will draw what I'm thinking about creating. This gives me a chance to visualize it outside of my head before trying to sculpt it in 3D. I love to draw, and if time allowed, I would draw and paint as much as I sculpt - maybe after I retire one day...

Works in Progress

I officially renounced posting Work in Progress pictures due to my personal belief that it diminishes some of the magic behind the creative process, and takes too much time to make continuous updates - so, I will no longer be doing full-on WIP or "Work in Progress" posts. However, when I'm starting a new piece, somewhere along the line I may share a few pictures just to let those who are interested, see what I'm currently working on.

Hand-dyed Doll Hair

I Don't Always Dye my own Doll Hair, but When I Do, It's Pretty Awesome...

Faerie Wings

My Faerie Wings are soldered to increase flexibility, durability, and longevity. Like my Merminoid/Mermaid tails and fins, I use wide variety of different materials to make my wings including papers, fantasy films, transparency films, fabrics, cruelty-free feathers, and polymer clay.

Artisan Handmade Soap

My other Passion: Handmade Artisan Soap! Unique and unusual handcrafted with high quality ingredients, from scratch, the old fashion cold process way! Learn more about my Soap products by clicking on the menu above!

Unique Handmade Soaps

Whether I'm inspired by Alice in Wonderland, a Holiday, or a certain Time of Year - my unique handmade soaps are more than just high quality soap, they are also works of art.

Home of the Winged Soaps!

Virgo's Alchemy: Home of the Winged Soaps and Cupcake Soaps! Unique, adorable, functional - yet attractive. Great for gift giving, special occasions, or even just a personal treat. You can learn more about my bubbly soap concoctions by clicking on the main menu "About My Soap".

Meet Oz Goose

Ozzie, or "Oz Goose", is my beloved precious little muse who is with me each and every day in the Virgo's Alchemy Studio. He is pictured throughout the website, in his CGI alter-ego as a black cat, because truly, he is a mischievous and magical kitty in his true-form.

Other Interests...

For years I was a Mehndi Artist (Henna Tattoo artist) at local festivals and events in the St. Petersburg/Largo Florida area. I love the essence of Mehndi, not only is it art, but it also is very soothing and relaxing to receive.

Figurative Sculpture

One of a Kind, No molds - my work is inspired by my love for the strange, unusual, curious, and mystifying. I work primarily with polymer clay, however, I also love to use paper clays as well as 2 part epoxies.

Artisan Soap

Our Handmade Soaps are not only visually stunning, they are jam packed full of ingredients that your skin will love! Organic and NON-GMO, whenever possible - it is worth every single last bubble!

Other Work

Although sculpture and artisan soap making are my two passions, I also love to draw, paint and create miniatures. I adore all things "lost and found" and have a slight obsession with Steampunk, Faeries and all things Burton and Froud.

My Videos

Due to the recent change in our location, my ability to upload videos has been affected. I'm currently working on establishing a solution to this problem and be back updating our youtube channel soon! You can subscribe by using the link above the main menu - thanks!

One of a Kind Figurative Art Dolls & Handmade Artisan Soaps
― by Kendra M Gilbert

Fantasy Art for the Strange and Unusual...

Hello! Hello! Helloooo! I'm so glad you finally found me! My name is Kendra Gilbert and I'm an OOAK (One of a Kind) Figurative Sculpture (Art Doll) Mixed Media Artist and Artisan Soap Maker! I specialize in fantasy art, unique artisan soap products, and other strange and unusual forms of creativity. Here you will find all my latest collectible art pieces, as well as my bubbly concoctions - which are now available over at my Etsy Shoppe. Enjoy your stay while you are here in my realm, don't forget to click on all my links to learn more about me, my life, and what I do! Anyway, thanks so much for visiting my strange and unusual home here on the web and don't forget to hook up with me on FB and Instagram!

Latest News


Healing the Pains of Loss through Art...

My Sister, My Angel, My Light

My Sister, My Angel, My Light

For you Sis, I Love You, Always

For those who know me personally, and are close to me on social media, know that I just lost two very special women in my life. My one and only Sister due to metastatic breast cancer, and my Grandmother, who although was already struggling with declining health, I feel passed when she no longer felt my Sister's presence here on this earthly plane - they were very close. Feeling the magnitude of these losses so closely together made the entire world feel as if it had started to crumble beneath my feet. I'm still processing these losses, and thankfully I have a very good support system with a loving husband, beautiful children, and other family and friends who have been there for me. As an introvert, processing this type of pain is even more difficult for me. I have had to really fight not wanting to simply withdrawal myself and literally disappear. It's a pain that runs deep, and anyone who has experienced the loss of loved ones knows exactly what I mean. The roller coaster of emotions; going from happy memories, to regret, then delving into deep sadness, and even anger. It's been a very challenging few weeks, and I will always consider the year 2018 as the year I lost a major part of my heart and soul.

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The Secret of Kells inspired Aisling Pangur Ban

I have been working steadily for months on several different projects, and although I have previously officially decided NOT to post WIP's (work in progress) photos, I figured I would post a few of one of my current projects - just so you all know I'm still working at my craft!

This will be Aisling and Pangur Ban, my own vision of them, inspired by The Secret of Kells...

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Aisling inspired by The Secret of Kells Work in Progress... Aisling will be approx 10 inches tall and be standing next to Pangur Ban on this One of a Kind base which I have sculpted out of 2 part epoxy over wire armature, and painted with a wash of select colors such as raw umber and yellow ocher. The colors and patterns are all inspired by this fantastical Irish folklore theme, giving it an enchanting forest appearance.

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TUTORIAL: How to Make Incredible Handmade Eyes for your Figurative Art Doll Sculptures!

Due to many requests asking for a tutorial to show you how I create my handmade eyes for figurative art doll sculptures, I have created this DIY tutorial showing you, in-depth, and step by step, my process.

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High Quality, Handmade Art Doll Eyes

One of a Kind Handmade Eyes in small scale, 3mm and 4mm, for figurative art doll sculptures! Now available on Etsy, these tiny works of art have been tested to withstand temperatures exceeding 300 degrees, with little, if any at all, loss of clarity.

Non yellowing, scratch resistant, high quality, handmade "glass" eyes which have been constructed from glass, polymer clay, and resin.

Unique, realistic, uncanny close-as-possible perfection in such a small scale!

Now offering different sizes as well as many different colors, as well as custom requests! All on Virgo's Alchemy Etsy Shop.

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Virgo's Alchemy Handmade Eyes on Etsy!


My handmade eyes are a combination of glass, polymer clay, and resin. They are hand painted, not computer generated. Each pair is one of a kind, and no two are exactly the same - they are strategically matched in "pairs" after making 20 or 30 of the same color and size.

To get just one "matching" pair just right can take hours - and the time, energy, focus, and love that goes into each one is insane.

If you are in need of handmade "glass" eyes for your sculptures/art dolls, please be sure to check out my listings on Etsy.

I also will do custom requests, but you must find my custom listings on Etsy. You can find my shop here :

Thank you for your interest! My shop will be off of vacation mode shortly, I'm currently uploading listings!


4mm in total size, these tiny little gems are a joy to create! Here's lookin at you!


Absinthe, now curing!

Will be made available shortly, after it is fully cured! Thanks! To hear sound, simply click the sound on in the video!