Yakut Faerie Shaman

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Introducing Yakut, a One of a Kind 3D Wall Art Sculpture by Kendra Marie, Virgo's Alchemy. Yakut is hand sculpted out of high quality polymer clay and 2 part epoxy resin, without the use of any molds. Her eyes are white jade, and her hair is fine quality Mohair. Her "antlers" were sculpted from 2 part epoxy resin and further strengthened by heavy wire armature. Yakut is mounted on a wooden plaque that can easily be hung on a wall or other flat surface. She is painted in a haunting white/pink hue, which looks enchantingly beautiful in ambient light. Both oil paints as well as acrylics were used. Yakut took a total of 15 hands-on hours to complete.

Yakut is a Faerie Shaman who is invoking the spirit of the Elk. She is inspired by my love of Faerie, but also "warging" from the show "Game of Thrones". She is light weight, and certain areas are very delicate and must be handled with care. Her crown is made from real Aspen twigs which were dried and coated in matte varnish to provide additional strength, but are still considered extremely delicate. This piece is not a toy, and should not be given to small children. Like all art, it should also be kept out of direct sunlight and moisture. She will be packed extremely well to avoid damage during shipping.

The plaque is appox 6 inches high, by 5 inches wide. Her Antlers are slightly higher than the wooden base plaque.

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