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I've been neglecting my update duty here on my website, as I've become a little lazy, and have allowed Facebook to one again become my focus... So, let me quickly share some progress on a few things, as well as some insight as to why I've been so slow at producing new completed works.

Not only did yesterday mark the one year anniversary of my Sister's passing, I also just recently lost my beloved Father. The magnitude of these losses are unlike anything I've ever experienced before in my life; two people that were quite literally, everything to me. I also said good-bye to my Grandmother shortly after losing my Sister, and so in just a year's time, my life has been significantly changed, forever.

This, of course, has greatly impacted my creative mojo and I'm slowly going through the healing process and praying daily for the strength and courage to face the world without these amazing people in my life anymore.

With all that being said, I've been focusing on enhancing my eye making skills, something I've been doing now for literally years, and creating new projects that are both helping me to get through this time, but also keep my focus on more constructive and positive things.

As many of you already know, I created a very in-depth tutorial on how to make small-scale realistic looking eyes which is available on A for Artistic and OOAK Artist Emporium websites. There is also a bonus Facebook group that comes with the purchase of the tutorial, so that any updates, new discoveries, products, or other "eye making" related information is shared. My Etsy Shoppe has been closed for awhile due to the amount of stress I've had over the past year, but I will be re-opening it as soon as possible with my new and improved eyes, several new sculptures, and even some cool faerie-style houses that I'm also making into clocks. I sure hope you enjoy, and please support me by liking my Facebook page and even a share or two! Pinterest posts, and other social media support is always greatly appreciated. So, without further ado... here are a few things you can look forward seeing from me in the near future!

5mm Total Size, 2.5mm Iris

These eyes are new and improved because of the method I'm currently using. The lenses are made with a heat stable polymer material, and then sealed with a heat resistant protective top coat. The "whites" of the eyes are glass. To find out more about my eyes, please consider purchasing my tutorial, "How to Make Incredible Small-scale Eyes". While nothing, unless solid glass, can take extreme heat (as in the temperatures used to cure polymer clay) there are ways to do this with very minimal side-effects, and long term quality results.

This "head" was baked at 265F for 45 minutes. The eyes are post-baked, without any gloss or glaze, showing that they are heat stable. Once the figure is complete, final touches will include a final gloss finish to bring back any lost shine. Eyes can also be cleaned with rubbing alcohol prior to final gloss, any cloudiness will disappear.

5mm Total Size, 2.5mm Iris. My method allows for absolutely gorgeous multi color/hue effects in the tiniest of scale.

Nothing handmade is "perfect", but there is a certain quality and mystique that cannot be compared to "manufactured" or "machined". There will never be an exact matching pair, but that is the beauty of this art, because although I can get VERY close to perfect, I'm also creating something 100% one of a kind and unique every single time. Each pair can take upwards of 1.5 hours to create. A lot of time, painstaking attention to detail, and a TON of patience goes into each one.

5mm Total Size,2.5mm Iris (Good for sculptures between 8-10 inches tall depending on personal preference)

Here is a current head I'm working on, she of course is just a "head" at the moment, but that will change soon! I really love this color of viscose hair, it's got gorgeous copper highlights in it and I think it will compliment her skin tone and eyes very nicely!

The lighting is not the greatest at the moment in my studio lol, and I have a giant crack over my camera lens on my bare with me please LOL!

Really love the color of this hair!

She will be approx 9 inches tall when complete!

I'm also starting a line of Faerie and Fantasy Miniature House Clocks! In honor of my Father, a Watchmaker and Jeweler for over 60 years, I have decided to do something special in his honor and memory! No... I'm not a "Watchmaker" or "Clockmaker" like he was, BUT I can install clocks into these small whimsical fantasy houses which are not only adorable decorative pieces, but also functional, as they will tell you when it's Tea Time!

Still SO much more work to go! All the edges and seams must be sealed and painted, more paint/highlights, windows, awnings, porch and base, plus the clock install and internal lights! Lot of Work!

Lighting was not good up in the studio for pictures, so had to resort to a few quick shots here in the kitchen lol. These are just Work in Progress photos, so it's all good 🙂

I'm also completing my Pangur Ban and Aisling piece which I posted about nearly a year ago... but they have been waiting patiently for me to come back to them to finish. I'm also creating another girl sculpture to go with my Celtic style, Labyrinth inspired owl piece. I've also got a new mermaid, and several Alice inspired pieces in the works as well. Please stay tuned, I will likely be posting completed works soon, and will be re-opening my Etsy Shoppe with these and more exciting pieces shortly.

So thank you SO much for your interest in my work, and your support! it's very appreciated, and highly VALUED!

Stay Unusual,


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