Work in Progress (WIP) Labyrinth Inspired Piece

Enchanted Tree Work in Progress by Kendra M Gilbert of Virgo's Alchemy Art

Well, after I completed Alice I decided that I'd do a piece for the International Art Doll Registry's upcoming Art from the Soul Contest. This was a difficult concept for me because it really made me reach deep inside of myself. One of the biggest inspirations from my childhood was the movie Labyrinth. Yes, the movie that boasts David Bowie in tights and a young girl walking across a smelly bog that made fart sounds when she stepped on the stone walkway... This story was extremely symbolic in a lot of ways. Some people seen it as a message to young people to be warned of the dangers that lurk when adolescence turns to adulthood. Some people say it was even a movie with more a sinister meaning, and the term "Illuminati" has come up several times in different forums regarding this film. To me, it symbolized the power of innocence, growth, courage, and coming of age. It also reminds me that just because we get older, it does not mean we have to let go of our imagination, our desires, and dreams.

In these images, you will see the beginning of this is an enchanted tree sculpted with 2 part epoxy over wire armature. It is as strong as an actual tree - I kid you not. Atop the tree will be a snowy white barn owl, reminiscent of the owl from the movie. The owl represented Jareth, the Goblin King. He would turn into the Owl at times in order to enter in and out of Sarah's world and back into his own. There are some who suggest the owl represents Molech, an ancient god who demanded child sacrifice... well, due to the fact that Jareth, the Goblin King, would take children and turn them into his goblins, this isn't too far fetched of a theory...but in my heart and mind, the owl represents something much different.

Seated at the base of this enchanted tree, will sit a young girl.  She will be in the shadow of the white owl, and she will be holding onto an object that will represent her innocence and youth.  The piece is intended to symbolize myself, at around 12-14 years of age, holding onto my imagination and my dreams.  The owl is always there, waiting for it's chance to consume my innocence and show me things that will make me forget who I am.

Enchanted Tree Work in Progress by Kendra M Gilbert of Virgo's Alchemy

Enchanted Tree Work in Progress by Kendra Marie Gilbert of Virgo's Alchemy

Enchanted Tree Work in Progress by Kendra M Gilbert of Virgo's Alchemy Art

I have at least 2 weeks left to work on this project, it will not take me nearly as long to complete as Alice did, now that we are settled into our new place. I'm still working on my dream of being able to retire one day, and do nothing but my artwork, please help me realize this dream by sharing my work and supporting me with your positive feedback and friendship.

Thank you for your time and interest! Please check back often or visit me on Facebook, Youtube, and/or Instagram. I'm back on Facebook once again, I reopened my Fan Page and am actively posting updates there. Sometimes I get behind...but I do my best. I'm also going to be opening my Etsy Shoppe again very soon and offering high quality handmade eyes, wing armatures, artwork, soaps, and other crazy things - so please stop by often. Thank you!

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