Virgo’s Alchemy: Home of the “Winged Soap”

It is important for everyone to find their "niche" and mine certainly made itself well known early in life. Fairies are a HUGE inspiration to me, as is the entire Fantasy and SciFi world. My "Winged" soaps are a Virgo's Alchemy original, and I'm very happy to present them to you, my valued customers, to enjoy!

These soaps are much MUCH larger than normal bars of soap. Each can weigh in at a whopping 10-12 ounces and are usually around 6.5 inches tall in height - they are huge! Because of this, the price of course will be a bit higher than my other bars. One of my "Winged" soaps is like buying three regular sized soaps! Just cut off what you need, and store the rest until it's all used. I DO NOT recommend keeping the soap for more than it's feasible shelf life of about 6 months after purchase. Soap is made of oils, oils have shelf life and so it's not a good idea to keep them sitting around unused for too long. The good thing is, you can always buy more, they are reasonably priced and I should be making them for many years to come.!


To get the perfect wing, takes patience and a whole lot of time.   I use an injector tool, toothpicks, ice water, and few other tools in order to obtain the perfect magical swirls!

Each wing is carefully swirled and set into custom made molds and then inserted into the tops of the soap, giving a crowning glory of pure fantasy magick!

Virgo's Alchemy's original "Winged Soaps" will be available in my Etsy shop shortly...

The soap pictured to the left is my Alice in Wonderland inspired soap, designed after the Blue Butterfly/Caterpillar, Absolem!

Do you have a custom request? Send me a Raven with your personal message and I will get back to you ASAP! Thanks for your interest in my products!

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