Virgo’s Alchemy Handmade Eyes on Etsy!


My handmade eyes are a combination of glass, polymer clay, and resin. They are hand painted, not computer generated. Each pair is one of a kind, and no two are exactly the same - they are strategically matched in "pairs" after making 20 or 30 of the same color and size.

To get just one "matching" pair just right can take hours - and the time, energy, focus, and love that goes into each one is insane.

If you are in need of handmade "glass" eyes for your sculptures/art dolls, please be sure to check out my listings on Etsy.

I also will do custom requests, but you must find my custom listings on Etsy. You can find my shop here :

Thank you for your interest! My shop will be off of vacation mode shortly, I'm currently uploading listings!

4mm in total size, these tiny little gems are a joy to create! Here's lookin at you!

#dolleyes #eyes

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