Update: Past, Present and Future!


This Summer has flown by, we can't believe how fast it went!  Well, we haven't fallen off the face of the Earth - but we have been very busy getting ourselves settled and ready to face the Winter Holidays - Western style!  I will be picking up my artwork again this Winter... but more than likely, it will be the beginning of the year before we will have everything in place and ready to really focus on anything other than our transition into an entirely new way of life!  My Husband and I will be collaborating and joining our original works, by introducing some new pieces that we plan to display in local galleries by next Summer.

Enjoy these pictures of some beautiful sites that are within minutes of us, literally in all directions.


This new direction will give our family the chance to focus on us, our future, and leave behind as much negativity as possible and really put us into a position where we can actually live our own lives, drama free, in peace and quiet, surrounded by tranquil forests and majestic mountains.  Our leap of faith would not have been possible if it were not for the Divine intervention and Protection that I know has been with me my entire life.


A large part of my life has been a giant smear, never honestly being truly happy, always doing things in order to include "others" in my decisions or place their demands before my own needs. I have come to the conclusion that that will never make anyone ever truly happy, but only create unhealthy relationships and resentment - who needs that negativity in their life?!  It is not selfish to form boundaries, hold others accountable for their wrong doings and the problems they cause themselves and others - it's just what's right.  What is selfish, is trying to hold other people hostage and accountable for our own happiness, when that is no one's responsibility but our own.  So, although it can be scary and tough to decide to cut off certain influences that negatively impact us, whether it be a job, living situation, family member or friend - that decision, as long as it is done out of love and the greater good, is always ours to make.


I do not grant permission, neither direct or indirect, for anything or anyone to negatively influence my reality.  It's that simple!

With that being said, thank you to all of you who have been supportive!

I'll be back in touch with the Cyber-world again shortly, in the meantime, please take care of yourselves, take control of your life and circumstances, don't allow others to negatively influence your decisions or reality, and keep on keepin on! Save Save Save

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