TUTORIAL: How to Make Incredible Handmade Eyes for your Figurative Art Doll Sculptures!

Due to many requests asking for a tutorial to show you how I create my handmade eyes for figurative art doll sculptures, I have created this DIY tutorial showing you, in-depth, and step by step, my process.

This 28 page tutorial is in high quality pdf format and includes over 8000 words of instruction plus pictures and links to private videos. It shows you, in-depth, how I make incredible small scale eyes for figurative art doll sculptures. I also provide product reviews, and suggestions for using alternative products.

Taking years of trial and error and researching many different techniques and methods, I have combined my experience, research, and love for this art into a unique way of creating small scale eyes as close to perfect as handmade can get.

Please know, there is specific equipment and supplies required in order to follow this process, however, these items are easily accessible either at local hardware stores, and/or online, as well as reasonably affordable. Many people will already have some of these supplies, but if you have absolutely none, and are starting from ground zero, total estimated minimal supply investment would be around $100. This method does not use computer generated irises. [dcs_ p]This process also requires certain physical attributes such as a steady hand, patience, and the ability to use/operate specific hand-held tools. I include a supply resource guide that will provide links to certain supplies. If you live outside the U.S.A. you can still find most of these items in most regions. I also provide a few work-around options for those who may not be able to access certain things.[/dcs_p]

I have put a lot of time, love, and energy into making this tutorial, and I honestly hope you enjoy it! Thank you so much for your interest – I greatly look forward to seeing what you create using this method!

Please note that due to the nature of digital files, I cannot offer refunds for this particular item. Although I'm confident you will be pleased with it's content, please contact me if you find any issues with your purchase. Eyes are not included with this purchase, this listing is for a digitally downloadable file only. Thank you again!

Make Eyes Like These!

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*If you purchase via PayPal here on my website, you will be emailed the PDF document to the email address provided in the transaction. You are also protected under PayPal's Buyer Protection, so even if I'm "new" to you, you can purchase with confidence! If you wish to have it delivered to an alternative email, PLEASE BE SURE to include this information in the "note" section. I will deliver all files within 24-48 hours - but usually MUCH sooner. Please also note, if there are any internet related outages, this could affect delivery time, but this is not a usual circumstance! Your  buying experience is my absolute PRIORITY! Please note: Due to eBay's demands for selling "digital goods", I will not be listing my tutorial on eBay.

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