Specimen Syreni – Now Available on Etsy!

I'd like to introduce you to Specimen Syreni (Mermaid Specimen). She is approx the equivalent of a 9.5" sculpture, but inside her tomb-like bottle, she is an impressive 16" in height.

She was sculpted purely by imagination and by hand, no molds were used in her making, and no casts have been taken of her. She is, and always will remain, One of a Kind.

Specimen Syreni's story is based on the ancient Renaissance, a time when creatures like this may still have existed, discovered, and taken for study.

Her skin was painted in purple and blue hues to simulate a preserved appearance. She is also covered in a high quality, non-yellowing, "liquid water" resin.

At her feet, a small glass orb represents the magic that was captured within this elusive being. She stands in a bed of black sand with tiny iridescent sparkles throughout, and a tiny tag that reads "Specimen Syreni" is tied to the top of her bottle, for proper identification purposes...of course!

She is not removable from her bottle, but her lid is removable for cleaning purposes only. Her glass bottle makes her fragile and highly collectible; not to be used as a toy or given to small children.

Her hair is a lovely rich burgundy Tibetan Mohair, and she was painted with high quality heat setting paints, and fired multiple times at specific times and temperatures to ensure longevity and quality, as all professional sculptures should be.

She will come with a certificate of authenticity which will be attached to the bottom of her bottle, signed.

Available Now on Etsy!Click HERE for her listing! Thank you so much for your interest, and please contact me by using my "Send a Raven" page, if you have any questions.

Additional Images of Specimen Syreni

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