Slowly moving, but still coming along! WIP: Alice Madness Returns Art Doll


Well, we are officially moving on Friday, so I'm not sure if I will have Alice completed by then or not.  I'm really looking forward to having a much nicer working studio and the mountain view for inspiration 🙂  Here is a shot of her progress thus far!  Still needs a LOT more painting, sculpting of arms and hands, wigging etc...they always look so strange at this stage heheh...  She is sculpted from a blend of FIMO Professional and Prosculpt clays over wire armature that is reinforced with a rod system to support the weight of her massive evil slayin hobby horse.  The base is hand-painted wood and 2 part epoxy over heavy duty wire armature.

Our move to Colorado has greatly slowed the progress of this project, but it is a sacrifice well worth the making. Hope you like, once again, slow but sure she is coming along!  She will be the first doll I've been able to complete in a VERY long time, and the first of MANY to come!!!!


#alice #doll #sculpture #wonderland

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