Pangur Ban & Aisling Update

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

Pangur Ban by Kendra M Gilbert, Virgo's Alchemy Studio

I started this piece what seems ages ago...but I'm finally back in the studio. I decided I didn't like the original Aisling I sculpted because her ears were too pointy...yes I could have chopped them off and just re-sculpted the ears, but no, I felt the project needed a fresh new start - so I'm totally redoing her.

Pangur Ban is an awesome little kitty from The Secret of Kells children's movie.

He is enchanted by Aisling, the forest spirit, to help Brendan escape from his bedroom...

Pangur Ban will remain the completed sidekick for this piece. He was one of the most challenging things I've ever done, and I do honestly mean this. He is a little over 2 inches high, and the amount of detail I had to squeeze into such a small figure was insane lol. I have him pictured here, along with the inspiration for him from one of my favorite movies, The Secret of Kells.

Pangur Ban by Kendra M Gilbert, Virgo's Alchemy Studio

The hardest thing about this was learning how to do flocking, and doing it in such small areas!

I had a very hard time finding the right material to use for the flocking too... I hate the cheap feel and look of "craft fur", so I went to Hobby Lobby and found a faux fur rug that worked really nicely. So, I just made my own flocking out of that by chopping the fibers into tiny little pieces so that I could cover the main portions of Pangur Ban's body. I then made his tail and other longer hair from shorter cut pieces of the same fibers from the rug. His eyes are also handmade, one blue, the other green.

Pangur Ban by Kendra M Gilbert, Virgo's Alchemy Studio

For just being a little over 2 inches, he has a LOT of character! I really enjoyed making him, and he will be the first of many fur babies I will be making in the future.

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