New Molds here! Tiniest EVER!!!

It's here! My new 4mm (total size

with 2 mm iris) now available on Etsy! I also have a new 5mm mold with 2.5mm iris. What is different with these new molds? Well, for starters, these are near full rounds, whereas my original mold was flat backs. Although many people like the flat backs, many also prefer full rounds. This will allow you to get an extreme up/down left/right pose in your sculptures without running out of "white". Some say the fuller rounds are a little easier to position as well. The new molds are also bakeable! Meaning you are able to use your choice of polymer clay. I have tried MANY white clays, and I can tell you, FIMO PRO White works the best as far as casting in polymer clay.

Remember! If you purchase my tutorial or molds (s) you are eligible to join my private Facebook Group - Let's Make Eyes. This group will share continuous information, tips, tricks, and techniques to make the most realistic and fun miniature eyes for your work!

I HIGHLY recommend using Little-Windows Brilliant Resin for casting the bases! This easy to use and affordable 2 part resin system, along with their white pigment, is the PERFECT solution for those of us who need a bright white resin that will take the heat and not yellow or otherwise "Fail". Use my SPECIAL discount code VIRGOS15 to get 15% off ALL your purchases!!! Don't forget to pick up some extra measuring cups!! Make batches as small as 5ml quickly and easily!

Check out these awesome new little eye bases made with my new molds! And the killer eyes you can make with them!

This awesome 5mm eyebase with 2.5 mm iris was cast using FIMO PRO white clay, however, I suggest using Brilliant Resin if you are up for the challenge!

I share with you how I create the iris in my tutorial, as well as in my private Facebook Group, Let's Make Eyes, so be sure to request to join once you have made your purchase!

You can hand paint these awesome little eyes (which I prefer) or use CGI prints as the iris area is "flat" on the bottom. These examples are CGI.

3D tech was used in their creation by the amazing Todd Debreceni, Hollywood Special FX artist, lecturer and author!

Here is the same eye base, only completed, by yours truly!

The tiny minor print lines are non-visible in completed works, allowing for full creative flexibility. They can also be sanded for a customized finish.

Remember, always choose a clay that is compatible with the temperature required to cure your entire piece. For example, FIMO PRO cures at 230F, so you would need to be careful exceeding temperatures as it may cause your clay to discolor.

That is the beauty of Brilliant Resin, it allows for more flexibility, but if you wish to use clay, you will need to experiment to see which clays will work the best for you. I do NOT recommend Premo as it tends to pit in the silicone molds and causes a rough surface/finish. You can also use/try liquid sculpey. Kato liquid clay does not do well in thie application.

Here are some more creations using these new near full round miniature eye base molds! Thanks for you interest! And.... YES! I have more sizes coming soon! 3mm total size with 1.5mm iris, 6mm with 3mm iris, and 10mm with 5mm iris! Stay Tuned! Or follow me on Instagram or Facebook to keep updated!

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