New Mold on the Way!!!

Well, the feedback came flying in and I could not have been more pleased with the level of support, encouragement, and positive reviews! Moving forward, I decided to have a new mold designed so that it features full rounds (current mold creates "flat backs") in sizes 4mm - 10mm with irises as small as 2mm in size. The iris area will also be "flat" at the bottom allowing you to use CGI prints easier, or, paint as you like.

This mold will also come with information regarding the resin I use to cast the bases, along with a special 15% discount code! I also reveal which other products I use to make the lenses!

If you have previously purchased either my mold or eye making tutorial, PLEASE join my exclusive Facebook Group, "Let's Make Eyes" so that you can see other information regarding product reviews, iris painting techniques among other things. Please know, this group is EXCLUSIVE only to those who have donated to my mold projects, purchased my mold or tutorials as I share information that people have paid for. Thank you!!! Stay Tuned!!! Oh! And one more thing... it has been recently brought to my attention that some of my messages here have been going into spam!! I just found ELEVEN messages from folks in my spam folder! Grrrrrrrr.... so I'm working on fixing that so it never happens again! You should NEVER have to wait more than 24 hours for a response from me - ever! Thanks again!

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