Magic of Innocence – IADR WINNER!

My latest sculpture, Magic of Innocence is finally completed and I'm very proud to say was a WINNER in the 2016 IADR Art From the Soul Contest!  These are just "completion" photos, I will eventually have specific pages for each one of my sculptures with more professional quality photos soon.

I'm now beginning my next project, inspired by the movie "The Secret of Kells".

I will not be doing a WIP blog on this new project, but I will continue to update my blog on a regular basis.

I will also be doing a review video of the Never Knead. This device is a true God-send, suggested to me by my friend Nicole West, a fabulous fantasy art doll artist who I have grown to respect dearly over the years.

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Much love to all of those showing me support and interest in my work!

-Yours Unusually,

Magic of Innocense by Kendra M Gilbert Virgo's Alchemy

Full completed work, professional photos coming shortly.

Fully completed base - professional quality pictures coming soon of this work

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