Faerie Lights

I knew I wanted to make these awesome little lanterns long time ago when I first saw something similar on Pinterest years back. However, I didn't like the "cheesiness" of some of the ones I saw. They looked really "crafty" instead of "artsy" - and yes, there is a difference, at least to me. I wanted some more realism, but still keep things easy, affordable, and fun. So, I decided to create a couple prototypes, and am very pleased with how they turned out. One of the coolest things I did, was place real hair onto the silhouetted image so that it appeared more realistic. I also think it's important to find images that have not been over used, and that is not easy to do. There are some places where you can get really nice die cuts, but often they have been used SO MUCH, no matter what you do, there is something oddly familiar about it - a serious creative buzz kill. I purchased a faerie silhouette pack years back, and it seems that these have not been used nearly as much, but they are still not original. So, my next step is to draw my own designs and/or make these unique enough to where they can break that "all too familiar" mold. My Etsy Shoppe will carry these any my other work, so please be sure to follow me on Etsy! www.Etsy.com/shop/Virgos-Alchemy and thanks for stopping by!

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