Custom Eye Base Mold Coming Soon!

That's right! It's here! With the help of Todd Debreceni and some very special friends, I have finally gotten the first master mold complete and have started my first production of molds this week! This mold will feature 50 eye base cavities that can be cast all at once. The mold has a very durable and long library life, meaning you can use it again, again and again. You can cast the eye bases using resin or polymer clay. I share which resins I now use exclusively in my tutorial that is available for sale in my Etsy Shop. The mold can withstand polymer clay curing temperatures without any problem at all.

The cast eye bases can then be further altered by dremel and/or sanding, or simply used as is.

The molds will be available soon for $39.95 in my Etsy Shop. You will see how it will quickly pay for itself with the amount of time it will save you from trying to hand make the "white" bases for your eyes!

The picture to the left shows the eye bases I cast using the mold. The total size of the eyes are 5.5mm (allowing for a tad more white space to work with) and the iris is a mere 2.5mm in size.

In my tutorial group (exclusive to those who have purchased my eye making tutorial) I will show you how to use these eye bases to create stunning small scale eyes.

The eye bases are similar to those used in larger scale BJD's only in smaller scale for the OOAK Figurative "Art Doll" scales.

More molds coming with different sizes and different versions!

I will also be offering the bases themselves on Etsy shortly for those of you who don't want to fool around with making you own, I got you covered!

Create stunning eyes like the one to the left using these eye bases.

The eye show was created using these convenient eye bases cast from my new custom mold!

Be sure to bookmark me here, "heart" my Etsy Shop, or subscribe to my Instagram feed @virgosalchemy_art to be the first to know when these molds will be available!!

Thank you for your interest in my work and my long term obsession with eye making!

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