Closer and Closer to goals…

Well, we have been officially here in Colorado for one year, but only true residents since last November...and I must say, we have never been happier. Being partially raised in Arkansas and having such a huge love for wildlife, open space, natural environments - Colorado was truly the best choice we could have ever made. A part of me will always continue to long for Washington State, but, Colorado has already proven itself to be a major contender in my search for "home".

Yes, I'm still a major introvert... I just had to push myself to try to connect with some local community. I'm not an introvert by nature, there is a part of me screaming out for friendships, girl's nights out..etc lol However, my artwork takes up the majority of my time and when I'm not working in the studio, I feel as if I'm wasting the time I've been given.

I'm slow...slower than I would like to be. What takes some people a week or two to accomplish, takes me a month sometimes. With me, it's because I'm never fully satisfied, I keep tweaking and tweaking my projects until I either start over again from the ground up or find myself removing heads off dolls to redo them lol. Yes, probably another Virgo thing...the quest for perfection when I'm lying to myself most of the there really such a thing when it comes to art? Perhaps I just need to change my own perspective of what "perfect" is, and just find peace in knowing that my work is perfectly imperfect, just like me.

Well, I started a couple new projects and I almost have enough to where I can start listing online, or even better, place in local galleries. I love the online community, but I want to engage my local community because I feel that is most important at this time in my life. I want to love people, and I want them to love me. Can you see now why I said my blog was like my therapist...? I can really work some serious shit out here, lol.

Anyway, one of the major reasons I haven't listed anything for sale or applied to any local galleries yet is because I've been having issues with photographing my work lol. I ordered a really nice lightbox kit off of Amazon last week and it's due to be here today!! This will help me get professional quality photos of my sculptures as well as my soaps

In this pic, I just started applying eyelashes. She still needs eyebrows...and well, of course, some hair's a process 😉

I'm no longer doing full-on WIP (Work in Progress) posts anymore, but I will tell you I'm working on a line of Fairy and Elves at the moment (as pictured above). I've been experimenting with different faces and "looks" for a couple weeks. I'm also loving having so many dead aspen trees lying around my property...they make EXCELLENT fantasy display bases! So, I have a lot in the works and just wanted you to know where I'm at as far as progress is concerned and what you can expect from me in the coming weeks and months.

Thank you again for taking the time to read through my rambling posts...I do appreciate it greatly. The support I get from the online community is truly a creative fuel for me. It's hard to create anything without believing in yourself, and that is why I'm so truly grateful to those who have shown me such support and love - you guys mean the world to me!

Yours Unusually,

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