Blue Unicorn WIP

First layer of paint is on, more paint, sculpting, and eyelashes needed.

This is one of my latest projects, she is tentatively being referred to as "Blue" the Unicorn. She is a pure sculpt on wood plaque over metal armature. Her eyes are handmade by yours truly. She will be framed in with 2 part epoxy vines, flowers and other mixed media elements that will give her an enchanted and magical appearance. I will be offering her on Etsy for a limited time special price, only $99. My other work will also be available for just $99, but this is for just a short time. Normal price will be $180 once I return to normal pricing.

I use Genesis heat set oils paints on my sculpture work

I make all my eyes using a special technique and products that are heat stable and non-yellowing.

My sculpture busts and plaques are usually always around 6-7 inches tall by 5-6 inches wide. Perfect for hanging in small areas and sacred spaces.

My work is done without the use of any molds, they are considered "pure" sculpts. I hope you enjoy them as much as I love creating them.

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