Alice Madness Returns (WIP)

Ok, so everyone who knows me personally knows that I have a rather strange obsession with any and all things "Alice". You will see a lot of my work is inspired by this childhood literary icon, but not all Wonderland's are created...equal. There is a darker side to Alice, which I find to be mindbogglingly intriguing. I fell in love with American McGee's Alice, which is a video game adaption of a darker story of Alice - although there is a light at the end of the rabbit hole...

This is my current WIP for Alice, dressed in her Royal Suit standing firmly against the forces of Wonderland with Hobby Horse (weapon) in hand. Handcrafted out of plain wood, wire, paint, clay and a few other items I found laying around...this piece is slowly but surely coming together...

I will update this post shortly with progress. I like this shot below, you can see some American McGee Alice conception art peering in from behind the base with her big green glowing of my most favorite inspirational images for her likeness...

#alice #polymerclay #wip #wonderland

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