Inspiration & Muse

Tim Burton

The master of Gothic whimsy,
Tim burton

Wendy Froud Circa 1982

The Queen of fae,

Wendy froud

One thing you probably have figured out by now, is that I'm a Virgo. Virgo's tend to be very critical of themselves...ok yeah, and others too...geesh, but - it's always with the best of intentions! My astrological tendencies, I know, are a major part of who I am and how I experience this world. I pull my inspiration from many different places. The works of Tim Burton is probably one of my biggest sources of inspiration, and he too, is also a Virgo... along with Faerie Master Brian Froud, and his Queen, Wendy. I love all things fantasy, strange and unusual, so my artwork usually reflects this quite a bit.  I tend to be very bi-polar with my work, going from intense dark to intense light. 


I love to sculpt fairies, creatures, mermaids etc... I also get inspiration from certain movies and TV (I'm a very selective viewer) but shows like the cult classic Xena and Game of Thrones; movies like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, anything of course even touched by Tim Burton, Labyrinth, Dark Crystal, Legend - the list could honestly continue...



I also have a pretty deep spiritual side, and sometimes I will express this through my art as well. I never know what I'm going to be in the mood to conjure up; I think most of us can relate to the spontaneity of creation.


Mother Earth has, and always will be, my ultimate muse. Moving out West, high up into the mountain forests, has been a true dream come true. We already have local wildlife coming by to meet us, such as Elk, Mountain Goats, Mule Deer, Bears, abnormally large Coyote (I think they might be Werewolves), and Chipmunks. It's just a matter of time before I come face to face with a Mountain Lion - I just do so hope they have time for a cup of tea!


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