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The "Jack" in my Life

Meet Larz Gilbert

A Match Made in Heaven

Two worlds certainly did collide when the Universe decided to put the two of us together! Married now for an amazing 11 years, we have been each others comfort and support through both the good, and the not-so-good, times.

We tend to balance each other in so many ways. Perhaps it's due to us being directly opposite each other in the Zodiac Wheel...they do say, "Opposites Attract", and it only makes sense with the two of us!

Meet Larz Gilbert

Larz is a Master Stained Glass Artist (also does repairs), Visionary, Musician, and Builder of Strange and Unusually Useful things. He builds High Quality Unique Furniture (if you want it, he will build it), he Draws, Paints, and even assists me with making our Artisan Soaps.


Just as eccentric as I can be at times, Larz is quite a character, and his Piscean traits makes him an intuitive and powerful imaginative Soul. Can you guess where he gets a lot of his inspiration? We both share a love for the Strange and Unusual, and we are both huge fans of the work of Tim Burton and Brian Froud. Music, Nature, Steampunk, Dia de los Muertos, Cirque Du Soleil, and anything that stirs the imagination. Quite the innovator, he often comes up with exceptionally unique designs and he is known for his ability to create intriguing one of a kind murals and mixed media displays.

"Inspiration is everywhere, and you can find it in the tiniest of places, if you just open your eyes and look with your heart." - Larz Gilbert
Larz and I are like two peas in a pod, there is never telling what we might come up with together!

Where Can I Find His Work?

You will be able to find Larz, and all of our collaborative works, right here on Virgo's Alchemy's Website/Blog as well as our Youtube Channel. Anything available for sale will be on display in local venues (which we will announce) or on our Etsy Shoppe. In the near future, we will be uploading a gallery of all of his work and will be sharing our adventures in Colorado as we build our new Studio and settle into our home high up in the forests of the Rocky Mountains.

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