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Soap Making Suppliers want to start making soap and don't know where to get supplies? Or perhaps you already are a Soaper, and you just would like to know where I get my fabulous ingredients and "soap stuff". I will give you a short list of tried and true suppliers that I trust and have been with for years plus some more recent "finds"...

Wholesale Supplies Plus

A true leader in the Handmade Soap Making Industry, WSP ranks #1 as far as quality, variety and price. They have NO shipping fees and still are very competitive with their pricing. The only draw back is that they do tend to take awhile to ship orders, sometimes up to a week...not very good if you are in need of something right away... But, what they lack in timely shipping, they make up for with their amazing products and friendly staff.

Bramble Berry

Home of "Soap Queen", who could possibly go wrong here? This is another wonderful supplier that goes above and beyond by offering mass amounts of helpful tutorials and advice for any and all things "Soapy". I don't use them as much as WSP because of shipping, and they too can take longer than I like for shipping, but their products are of the highest quality and their staff is extremely helpful and friendly!

Nurture Soap

Quite possibly the home of the most gorgeous, vibrant, soap stable mica colorants known to mankind...Nurture Soap not only provides a huge selection of colors, but soap molds, glitters, phthalate free fragrances and other soap additives! Their staff is awesome, and I feel truly blessed to exclusively use their micas for my products! Order processing and shipping is always a blast and you usually find cool little "extras" in your shipment - just because they rock! \m/ \m/

Essential Depot

The special deals that these guys offer is sometimes UNREAL! They have some of the best Sodium Hydroxide (Lye) you can buy, they have bulk order discounts, excellent essential oils, butters and base oils - they are just amazing! Shipping is relatively fast and you can follow them on Facebook for coupons and specials all the time! Like organic ingredients? You can get some of the best deals on organic additives at Essential Depot!

What about my molds and other stuff?

It would be impossible for me to list all the places that I have purchased from, as well as a waste of YOUR time because suppliers change, products and availability changes etc... The best thing you can do, is to research, dig and surf the web consistently for new and innovative ways to make your products unique. Etsy is a great place to find unusual molds and different things to spice up your Soaps. Have you seen something in one of my videos that you would like to know about in particular? Send me a Raven, and I will do my best to help you out!