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Sources of Inspiration

Tim Burton photographed by Nadav Kander

One thing you probably have figured out by now, is that I'm a Virgo. Virgo's tend to be very critical of themselves...ok yeah, and others too...geesh, but - it's always with the best of intentions! My astrological tendencies, I know, are a major part of who I am and how I experience this world. I pull my inspiration from many different places. The works of Tim Burton is probably one of my biggest sources of inspiration, and he too, is also a Virgo... along with Faerie Master Brian Froud, and his Queen, Wendy. I love all things fantasy, strange and unusual, so my artwork usually reflects this quite a bit. My talented and loving Husband and I often joke by calling each other "Jack and Sally". We are two peas in a pod, and we both inspire each other, on a daily basis, as well. My beloved children are also major inspirations; both so unique and quirky in their own ways.

I love to sculpt fairies, creatures, mermaids etc... I also get inspiration from certain movies and TV (I'm a very selective viewer) but shows like the cult classic Xena and Game of Thrones; movies like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, anything of course even touched by Tim Burton, Labyrinth, Dark Crystal, Legend - the list could honestly continue...

I also have a pretty deep spiritual side, and sometimes I will express this through my art as well. I never know what I'm going to be in the mood to conjure up; I think most of us can relate to the spontaneity of creation.

Mother Earth has, and always will be, my ultimate muse. Moving out West, high up into the mountain forests, has been a true dream come true. We already have local wildlife coming by to meet us, such as Elk, Mountain Goats, Mule Deer, Bears, abnormally large Coyote (I think they might be Werewolves), and Chipmunks. It's just a matter of time before I come face to face with a Mountain Lion - I just do so hope they have time for a cup of tea!

Some of My Favorite Things...



It's not a surprise to most that one of my biggest inspirations is the story of Alice in Wonderland. I have watched and/or read just about every single version of this popular tale of twisted reality. My most favorite three versions are Syfy's Alice, Tim Burton's Alice, and last, but certainly not least - American McGee's Alice Madness Returns.

Some folks might not understand my severe "Creative Mood-swings" I often go through, but I'm very diverse in my style and the things that I like and extremely eclectic by nature. Whatever mood I'm in, that's what is going to ultimately inspire me the most. Depending on my mood, I may sculpt a sweet little Faerie in a woodland setting, or, I might just sculpt something that looks like it came from a nightmare...


Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland

That's the beauty of being an Artist, you can express yourself and how you feel no matter what time of day or night, and it's still - YOU. I feel that is one of the biggest obstacles most artists have, finding their OWN WAY - just don't let the Queen of Hearts hear you say that!! All joking aside though, it really is "Curious" what the power of pure imagination can do, and what it can inspire us to create.

It took me awhile to discover that I didn't have to place myself inside a box in order to define my "unique" style. I think it would be quite boring if everything I did all looked exactly the same!


Syfy's ALICE

My greatest annoyance? Well, in a world where even though there is "nothing new under the sun", we are still subjected to petty claims for copying others - when they themselves, more often than not, have obtained their idea from the same inspirational sea.

Stealing is never cool, or taking someone's exact work and trying to claim it as your own is a major no-no... however, I have personally witnessed extremely talented, honest, and ethical artists get accused of copying someone (usually by an overly inflated ego-driven toad) when they never even seen that artist's work before. Point is, especially in sculpture, no one can exactly duplicate another person's work - it's just impossible. "One of a Kind" means just that, and if no molds are being used, then that work is entirely that of that artist - period.


American McGee's Alice: Madness Returns

The visually stunning American McGee Alice video game was a huge source of inspiration for several of my latest sculptures, and I'm sure, many more to come! The darker side to Alice is the perfect mix of creativity and pure madness - giving me that spicy edge that I enjoy so much.

Another huge source of inspiration for me is the esoteric and metaphysical.  I often incorporate different gemstones, essential oils, colors, and other attributes into my work in order to capture the essence of certain natural and supernatural energies and characteristics.  When I'm making soap, often I will use ingredients that are known to benefit certain aspects of the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

As you can see, my inspiration comes from many different places, and I give all glory and thanks to our Creator, who makes all things possible!

Inspirational Music and Videos

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Secret Planet
Enigma Voyageur
Fiona Apple, Pure Imagination - Dedicated to my Sister, Laurie
Herr Drosselmyers Doll-Abney Park
Toby Froud - Dance Magic Dance
Von Den Elben, Silver Swan, Qntal
Once Upon a Dream, Lana Del Rey
Mad Hatter - Melanie Martinez
Enigma, Return to Innocence
Yakuro, Constellation of Tatyana
Abney Park, Sleep Isabella