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What's with the Dollz?

I began my journey into Doll Making and Figurative Sculpture back in 2002. It has grown into such a strong passion that I cannot even imagine my life without it. I have loved dolls and miniatures for as long as I can remember. Doll making gives me a creative outlet unlike anything I have ever done creatively before; it's a 3D mixed media adventure that has literally stolen my heart and has allowed me to continue to express myself no matter what time of year or mood I'm in.

Do you use Molds?

My Art Dolls are created without the use of any molds and are truly One of a Kind. I will use molds in other misc mixed media art projects, but never for my figurative sculptures.

Where do you get your Doll Eyes?

My doll eyes are handmade by myself; they are very similar to the infamous "glass-like" style that so many other Art Doll Artists have embraced throughout the years, they are made from high quality materials that are UV Light and heat resistant as well as non-yellowing. I spend a great deal of time creating vibrant, deep, and alluring "wet" eyes to enhance the look and feel of my work.

Do you make your own Faerie Wings?

Absolutely! Outside of making doll eyes, it's probably one of the most enjoyable things I do. Back in early 2008, my talented and inventive husband approached me after watching me throw temper tantrums over gluing wires together for my faerie wings and mermaid tails... he said honey, why don't we just solder them? Ever since that day, I have never even considered making my wings or tails any other way. Much stronger, flexible and durable than glued wires - and much faster to make. I will be remaking the tutorial for how I make my faerie wings and mermaid tails soon! Subscribe to my Newsletter so you can be one of the first to get it!

What Genre are you?

My work is best described as Fantasy/SciFi, but with that being said - my work is not intended to ever become "cookie-cutter". I'm constantly researching new styles, techniques, and themes. Although I have my own unique way of doing things, it is my intention to make each one of my pieces to look and feel different than the one (s) before it.

What Scale do you work in?

I love to play with different scale sizes, but my Dolls are usually always between 8-12" tall, so typically I fall anywhere between 1:6 to 1:10 scales. I'm probably most known for my display bases and "scene" work. My pieces tend to be a little larger at times because of this, but I really like to create an entire scene that tells a story.

What type of Materials do you use?

Currently my most favorite polymer clay brands to work with are FIMO Professional, ProSculpt and Cernit, and yes, I usually blend these with my own personal ratio to create a working clay that works best for me. I tend to like my clay a little softer because I find it's easier to blend, but I also desire very strong pieces, so I like to use FIMO Professional as my main base clay. It is the strongest and most flexible (after cured) clay that I have ever used. I use so many different types of paints, powders, glues, epoxies, resins... it would really be hard to list them all. I have my favorites, but, I love to experiment with new and different supplies and ideas on a regular basis - and I love to make review videos and tutorials when time allows. If a certain product gets me excited, you can pretty much bet I will make a Youtube video on it!

How long does it take to make your Dolls?

My Dolls take anywhere between 6-8 weeks to complete...yes, I know, I don't have the luxury to do what I love full time - yet, but I'm working on it. I still work a career position, still go to school, and I have just generally got a lot going on. We (my Husband and I) plan to collaborate together and have enough work to participate in next year's local Art Shows in the Manitou Springs/Old Colorado City areas and are very excited to be part of such a HUGE local community of highly talented and gifted artists.

What do you use for Doll hair?

Great question...and because I'm currently transitioning into a Vegan lifestyle, it's also a very concerning question. Mohair, Tussah Silk, Tibetan Wool - these are all animal products which can raise concerns with certain folks for obvious and legitimate reasons. I have currently made the commitment to use Viscose for my Doll's hair as it is a man-made fiber and no animals have to be harmed in it's making. It creates gorgeous wigs for Dolls and can be dyed very easily. Not all Mohair or Tibetan Wool is obtained unethically, some can be purchased as clipping which are absolutely harmless to the animal, and done by caring and loving caretakers. However, when the hair comes attached to a pelt or skin...well, you know that didn't end well for the poor animal at all. Due to this, I'm very selective as to where I obtain my doll hair from and will not willingly purchase materials I know caused another sentient being pain or harm