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Got questions? This page should help!

Is your website safe?

I currently do not process any transactions on this site, nor do I request any sensitive information from my visitors - it is strictly informational. I will be making Virgo's Alchemy a secure site (https) in the near future as I do plan to offer items for sale here, but for now, all sales and orders are placed securely through my Etsy shop. Yes, this website is perfectly safe.

Do you offer lay-a-way for your Artwork?
In very, very rare situations I will make the decision to do this. You must remember that as an Artist who is trying to become self-supporting, I cannot afford to refund payments made on lay-a-way terms. If you agree to a lay-a-way plan, and then later cannot pay off the balance, the payments that were made will go towards the re-listing and lost time associated with keeping the item away from other potential collectors.

Do you do "free" Artwork
I can, and have, done artwork for free - but not on an individual basis. Any artwork that I do that I do not charge for will be as a charitable donation to a legitimate cause or charitable organization at my own discretion. I cannot afford to do free work for those who cannot afford my work, although, in rare circumstances, I will offer lay-a-way terms.

Why aren't you on Facebook?
I was on Facebook for many years, but recently decided to kick it to the curb. Currently you can find me on Instagram and Youtube, and in the near future, I plan to also make a home at Deviant Art as well as Vimeo. I quit Facebook due to privacy concerns, drama, and the time it consumes. It's just not a necessary component to my life or my work, so I reclaimed my "face" and am no longer in their "book"!

Where can I find your work?
Right now, I'm exclusively on Etsy, however, in the very near future I'm planning on working with some local galleries and will update this information as soon as it becomes available.

Does your Artwork come with a COA?
I'm currently a member of the IADR and intend to register my one of a kind work there as well as give each one of my pieces a # as well as a signed certificate of authenticity (COA). My work also comes signed in a place that is inconspicuous.

Other Names gone by?
In an effort to avoid any confusion, because I have been doing artwork for quite some time, as well as making handmade soap, these are the other studio names I've gone by in the past: Keepers of the Wood Studio, KMG Studio, FAEBAE, and Sacred Holistics.

Can I advertise on your site?
Yes! However, it must be relevant to soap making or artwork (preferably sculpture/mixed media) and you must provide your own banner, be willing to exchange links with yours truly, and be open to having your banner placed elsewhere on my site - not just the front page. Send me a Raven and let's discuss advertising![/dcs_p]

Do you do Art Repairs?
If damage occurs either in an unfortunate accident, during shipping, or some other strange mishap - I will consider attempting to repair the damage if it's deemed "repairable". I will only ever offer repairs on my own work. Please know, I take packing shipments VERY seriously. My Husband takes part in this process, as a quality control and shipping professional of over 20 years, he knows how to securely pack delicate items to ensure they arrive undamaged. However, we still cannot foresee or be held responsible for how USPS or UPS handles our packages. It is always my GREATEST advice to place insurance on all shipments because of this reason. If a piece of mine is ever damaged, yet repairable, you must cover shipping both ways, be willing to give ample time for the repair, and be willing to accept when a piece cannot be repaired successfully. This is a very broad topic, it depends on the placement and level of the damage and has to be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

Do you ship Internationally?
Due to the ridiculous cost of shipping overseas nowadays, I do not offer this as a readily available option. However, if you are willing to cover the full cost of shipping overseas and would really like to purchase one of my art pieces or some of our soap products - Yes. You just have to Send me a Raven so we cam discuss the details.