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Freakishly Fabulous Failures...

Let's face it, not everything we attempt to do always turns out exactly they way we envision...however, not everything that "turns out" happens to be useless or "bad" either!


Freakishly Fabulous Fails!

Picture this if you will: You are making the soap batch of a lifetime; it's the perfect consistency, fragrance is behaving wonderfully, you have everything JUST RIGHT... then all of a sudden - your piping bag develops a case of indigestion and decides to "burp" a blob of soap right on top of your perfectly constructed cupcake soap... UGH!!!! Can't really scrape it off, can't really go back in time and do anything different - it's done. Or, how about you have the most amazing design idea, or most amazing fragrance and forget that it has a higher vanilla content and decides to change color during curing...what can ya do? Well, instead of just throwing these babies out due to a few aesthetic flaws, why not offer them at a freakishly low price to match their freakish appearance? The soap still has all of it's same wonderful ingredients in it, still functions and performs as it should - as soap! So why throw it out??

When there is a Freakish, yet Fabulous Failure - I will announce it here and then offer links to it on my Etsy Shop! You're Welcome!