The Secret of Kells inspired Aisling Pangur Ban

I have been working steadily for months on several different projects, and although I have previously officially decided NOT to post WIP's (work in progress) photos, I figured I would post a few of one of my current projects - just so you all know I'm still working at my craft!

This will be Aisling and Pangur Ban, my own vision of them, inspired by The Secret of Kells...

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Aisling inspired by The Secret of Kells Work in Progress... Aisling will be approx 10 inches tall and be standing next to Pangur Ban on this One of a Kind base which I have sculpted out of 2 part epoxy over wire armature, and painted with a wash of select colors such as raw umber and yellow ocher. The colors and patterns are all inspired by this fantastical Irish folklore theme, giving it an enchanting forest appearance.

Like all my sculptures, she is sculpted over heavy wire armature and sculpted freely, without the use of any molds, out of high quality professional polymer clay. Her eyes are handmade by myself as well.

                                Work in Progress Aisling The Secret of Kells Polymer Clay Sculpture Work in Progress Work in Progress Aisling The Secret of Kells                        

This will be my own "vision" as to how the characters look like, and I hope that you enjoy my version!

Work in Progress Aisling Forest Fairy

Blocking out the body...

Inspired by The Secret of Kells Display Base Handmade

Still more work to do! The display base stands an impressive almost 12 inches tall.

I hope that you check back often for updates, this, along with several new pieces, will soon be added to my Etsy Shoppe if you would like to add a piece of my artwork to your collection - thanks for your interest!
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