Moving out West!

colorado_sunflowersMy family and I have made the decision to go to Colorado instead of Washington state due to a more diverse climate with less rain. If I were a single lady, I'd be moving to Washington because I simply love it there - I love rain and everything is so damp and green... but, I realize that Colorado is just as beautiful and will offer us all the adventure, beauty and the elevation that we know has been calling to us... With that being said, I will be taking a portion of the Summer to relocate, and so my artwork must temporarily stop once more, but not for long. This time around, my studio with NOT be carpeted. That is probably one of the biggest tips I could give any new artist looking into sculpting. Hair, dust and lint that you had no idea was even there, is your mortal enemy when working with wet clay. I suggest a hardwood or tile floor with a air filter/ionizer running at all times. Well, I will try to get back to work on my current projects before too long, until then - happy creating my strange and unusual friends and wish me luck!
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